WHMCS has quickly become one of the most convenient and preferred tools for the online businesses, especially the ones dealing in web hosting and reselling. WHMCS can be an ideal solution for you if you also owns such a business and looking for a more reliable and one-stop hosting solution for all the important things involved like handling the billing and support ticket requests.

The Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution or also known as the WHMCS is a highly popular tool that is an all in one client management system that includes the feature of effective and reliable billing as well as the support solution.

WHMCS Integration with WordPress

WHMCS is not compatible with external CMS like WordPress, so one has to take services of integration experts to perform WHMCS-Wordpress integration seamlessly. WordPress is a CMS being used all over the world to create impressive and reliable websites and blogs. There are almost 20% of top websites and more than 60 million people that are using wordpress for their sites and blogs that includes the ecommerce sites as well as the general ones. The integration of WHMCS with WordPress means taking the design of the website and creating a matching WHMCS template using the design. The integration of WHMCS with WordPress has to offer various advantages to the customers as well as to the site owners.

Some of the advantages of the integration are as mentioned here:

Enhanced Experience

As both, WHMCS and WordPress, are known as the best of both worlds, so the integration of both can successfully offer a seamless and enhanced experience to the users as it will make it sure that the WHMCS matches perfectly with the rest of the site.

Reliable Functionality with Beautiful Looks

One of the key factors that caused the huge success of WordPress is the availability of numerous themes. You can find a wide range of wordPress themes available online that can offer you the convenient and better selection of the most suitable and impressive theme. The integration of both can offer the most reliable functionality of WHMCS with the great looks of your WordPress site. It can successfully attract huge numbers of customers as they always are interested in such combinations and feel more comfortable and secure.

Convenient Page Modification

One of the best advantages of the integration is that is can offer you the opportunity to experience the both as a single unified aspect of the site. You can take the full advantage of the page content of your site as the modification of page content gets a lot more convenient and can be done without facing any conflicts with the theme of your WordPress. You may not require any extra configuration for the purpose and it will also save your time to search another template.

Plugins and Widgets

There are numerous plugins and widgets available for WordPress and all of these are compatible with WHMCS, which means that you can take the full advantage of the required plugins and widgets without any inconvenience or problem. The integration will breathe a new life into your site and offer you simpler and faster customization according to your needs and requirements.