Webmasters generally admit that it is a very complex process to make changes in WHMCS PDF invoice and quotes. In order to change WHMCS PDF Invoice and Quote templates require excellent knowledge of the TCPDF library. Only an excellent web site development service can offer excellent customization that is required to change these templates. Before getting into that subject, it is always better to know what is a TCPDF library.

The TCPDF library

TCPDF is an Open Source PHP class to generate PDF documents. It continues where it left off FPDF, and contains all that is needed to support  UTF-8 Unicode and support “right-to-left” languages!  Two of the most appreciated qualities of this kind, is its simplicity when creating PDF files and the ability to interpret XHTML code. The library is currently in constant development, the most recent version is available to those TCPDF geeks.

Some of the outstanding specification of this scheme is as follows: No need of external libraries for basic functions, support for pages ISO format, Support for UTF-8 Unicode and RTL languages, Interpretation of HTML, method for the creation of barcode, sources stand for True Type Unicode, TrueType and Type1, supports configuration of pages, It includes methods to create headers and footers for pages, break blade automatic, automatic number of leaves, Break-line automatic justification, Images support, Supports colors, Supports Web links, Support for compression of pages, It supports encrypted documents, It includes graphics and methods of transformation, It includes the Favorites, It includes JavaScript and forms of support

Other ways to make changes in WHMCS PDF invoice and Quote

When it comes to WHMCS PDF invoice, they offer two types of templates, the first model is available in the client area and the second model is available in your WHMCS template folder. These files are available in invoicepdf.tpl and viewinvoice.tpl names respectively. According to WHMCS company, it is possible to make changes to their PDF invoices and templates with care. The modification includes updating the logo, editing the text and content of the template and changing or translating the file name of the PDF invoice. If you have the TCPDF knowledge, then you can change the file size of the template and add more fonts depending upon your requirements. As we all know that PHP coding has certain limitations, and because of this limitation, it is impossible to see “Paid” and “Unpaid” options in  upper-case letters. Many WHMCS technicians admit that it is really a difficult task to fix this bug.

Making changes in WHMCS PDF quote format

The WHMCS quotes are generally delivered in PDF format, more or less similar to the PDF invoices. However, the company assures that it is possible to change the WHMCS PDF quote format in the same manner as the user can customize the PDF Invoices. It is possible to find the template file in the active template folder with a name: quotepdf.tpl. This modification also requires TCPDF knowledge.

Nowadays, several companies offer their service to customize WHMCS PDF Invoice and Quote. It is always better to contact them in case you are not used to this technical area.