WordPress-WHMCS Integration

We have developed the website https://www.vmcentral.com.au , with frontend as Wordpress and Billing system as WHMCS.

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WordPress-WHMCS Integration

Using our Wordpress-WHMS Integration services, you get best of both worlds - Power of WHMCS billing and ease of Wordpress CMS management. Following are samples from our recent project: Home page   Home Page Packages Page   Hosting packages Dashboard   Dashboard

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WHMCS Template design

This is a completely new WHMCS template designed from scratch. It gives a fresh look to the site and looks very different and better than default WHMCS style.

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WHMCS Integration

This is a sample related to our WHMCS Integration work.

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PDF Invoice Customization

Sample of our PDF Invoice customization work. It also involved work on TCPDF library.

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PDF Invoice Customization – Sample 2

Another sample for our WHMCS Invoice customization work.

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