What is WHMCS Customization?

WHMCS provides some facilities in client area but you may require more as per your business needs. You can extend functionality of WHMCS by using WHMCS custom hooks or by developing WHMCS extensions.

WHMCS comes with a rich API where it is very easy for someone to extend the functionality at every action or on access of any information.

For example: You can invoke some custom code when accessing services pages, or immediately after login. WHMCS provides these kind of hooks where you can run your code on specific events. Developing modules using ways like this is called WHMCS Customization. A developer needs to understands all options available in the API to achieve this.

There are more customizations also possible, like making changes to some internal functionality and visual elements. An example is changing the way the invoices and quotes are rendered. Since WHMCS works on MVC framework, it is easy to make these customizations also, keeping all the core logic intact.

Our Offering

Our service include tasks like adding more social networks in your WHMCS area, using WHMCS hooks to customize workflows, developing WHMCS modules and extensions and a lot more..

We have expertise in all of these. If you have any customization need, let us know.