Our WHMCS integration services ensures smooth and professional look to your hosting website. We provide extra touchups where ever possible. Try today and see yourself!

What is WHMCS Integration?

WHMCS system is a 3rd party product that many hosts use to manage web hosting CRM, billing, helpdesk etc.

When you use this system on your website to take orders and to manage customers, it looks very different from rest of your website, because your website and WHMCS are two separate website areas.

WHMCS Integration means creating a custom template for your WHMCS area and match it with rest of the website. Usually it involves matching header/footer of the site for your WHMCS pages. That is the least you would like to do.

However there are further improvements possible like creating custom graphics for WHMCS items like in client dashboard page.

The later approach gives a seamless look and feel to your website. Although WHMCS official website provides this service, but that is costlier and not as flexible as we are.

Example of WHMCS Integration

Example of WHMCS Integration

Our Offering for WHMCS Integration

Our WHMCS Integration service allows you to match your website’s look and feel with the WHMCS client area pages. We do everything possible to make sure that the WHMCS style mingles with style of  your website.

Our services includes changing default style of WHMCS like icons etc, and matching that with theme of your website.