What is WHMCS Invoice and Quote customization?

Usually hosts find that the default WHMCS invoice and quote format is not good enough to be sent to customers. We provide changes in those formats.

Not only we change the HTML format, but we also provide changes in the PDF template.

Changes in PDF template of invoice and quote requires good knowledge of TCPDF library. We have that knowledge so we provide maximum level of customization that you will not find elsewhere.

What is TCPDF library?

TCPDF is used to render HTML content into pdf. It is a popular library that is available for PHP as well. Although there is some documentation available on TCPDF website, many times it is a struggle to get some customization working with WHMCS.

There are many reasons why this doesn’t work. One reason is that WHMCS makes use of controllers to initialize TCPDF class. That initialization code is not visible to the developer since it is encoded. So even if he has access to TCPDF code, making change in that is not very easy.

Our Offering

We come to your rescue when you need complicated PDF customizations. We have dealt with scores of projects on this aspect, so entrust us to get you PDF customization work done suitably. Contact us now to get a free quote of your request and more details.