You are here because you are a fan of WHMCS. If not, on the verge of being one.

Why I am so sure about it is the fact that WHMCS is damn popular today and its popularity is only increasing by every passing day.

It’s not that it does not have any competition. There are competitors, even a reasonably good free option like hostbill, still WHMCS knows no stopping in terms of ever increasing business.

In our view following are the reasons of its popularity:

WHMCS Integration ease

It is very easy to match theme of your website with WHMCS theme. WHMCS has intelligently kept its design fliexible where you can merge the looks of your site into it without much of css conflicts. It makes life of designers also simple. That’s why you get WHMCS integration services very cheaply now a days.

WHMCS Plugins development ease

WHMCS is adding more and more hooks to its core with each release. Why does it matter?

Well, availability of hooks for business processes means it becomes easy for you to plug your code at any point of business flow.

For developers these hooks come like a boon to aid in their programming. Hooks provide a clean interface to invoke custom logic.

A solid product

Well, almost. Every product faces some glitches in its lifetime but WHMCS has seen very few. Due to its mega popularity it attracts more screams than the competitors do. But overall WHMCS is a solid products, that just works most of the times.